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My name is Sergio L. Lewis, an auto mechanic that love to fix car and trucks.  I have been tearing and fixing auto since I was 8.  I will watch my dad fixing all kinds of auto problems in his garage.  His garage was hot and always have that grease smell.  I will squat by his side and ask all sort of questions.  It annoyed him.  Those were my fondest memories as a kid. I started this blog out of interest and to share some of the knowledge about repairing car so you can save some money.  I hope you enjoy my blog and do spread some social love if you can.

The Different Types Of Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement and you should not be driving if you do not have any. The problem with it comes to getting this insurance is the number of different policy options. If you are new to car insurance, you need to know about the different types and what they each offer you. […]

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Why Choose Car Shield?

Car Shield has provided vehicle protection for more than 500,000 vehicles since it was founded back in 2005. The company’s goal is to provide an exceptional experience by ensuring that all vehicle owns have a reliable, dependable, and affordable solution to costly and unexpected auto repairs. CarShield offers a wide selection of vehicle service plans […]

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How To Avoid Car Problems With These Simple Tips

How To Avoid Common Car Problems The more that you know about your car, the better able you can avoid car repair problems. You can use your senses to detect many common car problems: listening for odd noises, visually checking the area around your car, sensing that your car is handling differently, or noticing any […]

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How To Protect Your Auto Repair Investment

protect your auto repair investment

Warranties Repairs are not covered under any “standard warranty”. Understand the terms of your auto warranty, what it covers and make sure the warranty is registered officially.  Auto warranties operate under conditions such as mileage, time, deductible and business allowed to conduct vehicle warranty work or unique procedures needed to get reimbursement. Refer and consult […]

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