How To Protect Your Auto Repair Investment

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Repairs are not covered under any “standard warranty”. Understand the terms of your auto warranty, what it covers and make sure the warranty is registered officially.  Auto warranties operate under conditions such as mileage, time, deductible and business allowed to conduct vehicle warranty work or unique procedures needed to get reimbursement.

Refer and consult with your local consumer protection agency or state attorney for more information on the warranty rights you are entitled to.

Service Contracts

Many car dealers sell optional contracts – service contracts.  They are provided by car manufacturers or other independent companies. Service contracts are not similar. They vary in price and their terms are negotiable to varying degrees. When deciding on whether to purchase a service contract consider;

  • The range and types of repairs covered.
  • The cost of the service contract.
  • Whether there is an overlap on what is covered in the service contract and any other warranty you have.
  • The location where repairs will be performed.
  • The deductible.

Auto repair invesmentThe procedures needed to file for a claim such as meeting a threshold on car maintenance routines or prior permission for certain repairs.

Whether you will be required to make the payment on repairs and claim reimbursement or the costs of car repair are paid directly by the company.

Resolve Disagreements

How to resolve disagreements pertaining billing, warranties or the caliber of repairs

Document everything; all transactions and experiences that you have had noting the dates, time and names of the staff who handled your issue.

First, engage the shop owner or manager. If you do not arrive at an amicable solution contact the local consumer protection agency near you or your state attorney. They will definitely help. These two offices have the necessary capacity and information on different dispute resolution options that are at your disposal. You also have the option to contest for a claim in a claims court. This is straight forward and you do not require the services of an attorney.

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