Non Owner Car Insurance – What Every Driver Should Know

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Non Owner Car Insurance

As long as you drive, you need to have car insurance. If you do not own any car, you can get a non-owner car insurance instead of the usual auto insurance coverage.

What is Non-Owner Auto Insurance And What Does It Covers?

This type of insurance is designed to cater for people that drive but don’t own a vehicle. Non owner car insurance provides liability coverage and pays for damages, and injuries cause by you in a car accident. However, it does not provide coverage for any damage to the car you are driving.

Non Onwer Car InsuranceHow Much Does Non Owner Insurance Cost?

The cost is almost the same as those car insurances with minimum liability coverage. So the cost is between $200 to $320 per annum depending on a few other factors such as you driving record.

Can I Buy Car Insurance For Car, I Do Not Own?

Yes, you can still insure a car that you do not own. However, you need to inform the auto insurer that you are not the owner. Some auto insurance companies do not offer you the coverage as the main driver. However, there are many other car insurers that do.

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How Much Is Non Car Owner SR 22?

The cost varies from person to person. However, there is a one time SR22 filling cost of $20.

The Cheapest Non Owner Car Insurance

The cheapest non-owner auto insurance company out there now is GEICO. The cost is average at about $620 per annum. At the time of writing, it is about 26% cheaper than most of the car insurance companies that offer non-owner car coverage.

Do State Farm And Nationwide Offer Non Owner Insurance?

Yes, they do offer such policy nationwide.

Rent A Car With Non-Owner Insurance

Car rental companies usually already include damage and liability coverage as part of the deal. If you often rent a car, then it is more cost-effective to have a non-owner policy that provides liability coverage on the rented vehicle.

Can Unmarried People Be On The Same Insurance?

Whether married or not, if they are staying under the same household, then both are able to be listed under the same car insurance policy.

Drive Parent’s Car Without Insurance

If your drive your parent’s car without any insurance, then you and your parents could be charged for an offense. The law mandates all drivers to at least have 3rd party cover policy.

Is It Legal To Drive Other’s Car?

Yes, it is legal. However, the other car must have car insurance and covers the owner and 3rd party like yourself. If that car insurance does not cover you, then you are considered driving without car insurance, and it is an offence.

How To Buy Non-Owners Car Insurance?

You can buy the policy from auto insurers such as GEICO. You just need to furnish them with your driver’s license number and a credit/debit card.

Is Insurance Require Before Buying A Car?

You need to have an auto insurance policy (or proof of it) in place before you can complete the deal.

When Should You Get A Non-Owner Car Insurance

You should consider getting a non-owner auto insurance if the below apply to you.

Serious violations or convicted DUI

You need to file an SR 22 form in some States to reinstate our driving license.

Rent cars frequently

You may want to consider this as rental car insurance as it is cheaper than buying the coverage over at the car rental counter. Note that non-owner auto coverage does not cover damage to the car you are driving.

Car sharing

The coverage serves as supplements. It is useful in case the accident victim decides to sue you.

Borrow other’s cars

Insurance will pay out in an accident. But there are risks that the cost might exceed the owner’s liability limits. A non owner car coverage supplement the gap.

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