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Car Shield has provided vehicle protection for more than 500,000 vehicles since it was founded back in 2005. The company’s goal is to provide an exceptional experience by ensuring that all vehicle owns have a reliable, dependable, and affordable solution to costly and unexpected auto repairs.

CarShield offers a wide selection of vehicle service plans that are all set up to be quite flexible. The company is determined to ensure that all customers can easily customize a plan that perfectly fits their needs.

CarShield Warranty Plans

Car Shield offers a wide variety of warranty plans to fit the budgets of car owners as well as their protection needs. In total, the company offers 6 plans, which are:

New Car:

It is a vehicle service contract that’s similar to a factory warranty. It covers everything from transmission and engine failure to fuel pump and starter breakdowns.


It is a vehicle service contract that’s the best coverage option for vehicles with miles on them. It protects the vehicle’s transmission, engine, electrical system, AC, fuel pump, water pump, starter, starter, and more.

Powertrain Plus:

It is a vehicle service contract that offers less coverage than the Comprehensive plan mentioned above. It is intended to deal with higher-mileage vehicles. It covers a vehicle’s water pump, alternator, starter, transmission, air conditioning, and other specific engine functions.


It is a slightly scaled down of the Powertrain Plus vehicle service contract discussed above. It is the most affordable product from the company. It covers a vehicle’s most essential parts, which include the transmission, engine, water pump, and all lubricated parts on the engine.

High Tech:

It is vehicle service contract that’s designed to cover most computer and electrical related problems including Electrical System, GPS/Navigation, Alternator, Starter, Engine Control Module, and more.


It is a service contract that’s intended for motorcycles as well as ATVs. It protects the engine, transmission, starter, electrical system fuel pump, and more. CarShield is actually one of the few companies that covers motorcycles/ATVs.

Other Features

CarShield also offers additional features to customers upon request. CarShield auto repairs typically have either nonexistent or very low deductibles. If you need a repair that’s covered under your contract, it will be fixed completely free, or you will be just have to pay a minimal deductible for repairs. Other features include:

– Towing will transport both you and your vehicle to a safe place for free

– Mechanics certified by the ASE’s Blue Seal of Excellence

– CarShield is on hand to deal with vehicle breakdowns 24/7 and offer roadside assistance

– CarShield provides a free rental car in some of the vehicle service contracts

– All CarShield contracts cover the transmission, engine, and axle

– Courtesy towing should your vehicle break down

CarShield Ins and Outs


One of the things that has led to the growth in the company’s popularity is that it offers the most vehicle service contracts. It also offers the least restrictive mileage limit, which makes it a highly attractive option for people that own second-hand vehicles.

Contract length

One of the best things about CarShield is its contracts and specifically, the length. The 31 plans the company provides all vary in length and average about 14 pages of 450 words each. It means that it is easy to read their contracts without having to worry about doublespeak.


CarShield offers a total of 31 plans, which goes perfectly well with relatively minimal restrictions. Unfortunately, the quoting process is not very smooth because of the response of their customer service that’s delayed sometimes.

It is important to note that the company’s customer service department responds faster if you contact them via phone as opposed to email. The quoting process also focuses a lot on sales calls, which might not be convenient for all.


Car owners need to understand that extended car warranties such as those offered by CarShield don’t actually cover repairs that result from normal wear and tear or the failure to maintain your vehicle properly. For instance, you can easily void the warranty if you miss an oil change.

It is also important to note that an extended warranty is in no shape or form a car insurance policy. Car insurance helps cover liability for accidents as well as repair costs. Warranty plans, on the other hand, cover the cost of repair in case of mechanical breakdown or malfunction.

The Bottom Line

One of the most important aspects of buying a vehicle warranty is to choose the right provider. By offering additional warranty coverage for breakdowns, warranty companies provide vehicle owners with peace of mind in case of unexpected repairs.

CarShield offers a wide variety of warranty plans that guarantees that you will find a plan that works for both your vehicle and your budget. Additional service features make it stress-free and simple to ensure that your vehicle is in good hands.
Try Car Shield today and have some peace of mind with regards to maintaining and repairing your vehicle!

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